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Facebook Verified :)

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For the individual who wants creativity to come alive, whether its to promote or consume, Mezurashii brings an experience unlike no other. Personality is encapsulated, emotion is transmitted, and so, you feel alive.

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Born with natural curiosity for creativity.

From day dot - Music

From day dot - Music


Mezurashii Media was created on 17th August 2014. It was my birthday, my heart had just been broken, and I wanted to give up. Suddenly, i became aware that I was on holiday in my favourite holiday destination, Barcelona and there was more to life than one person. On that day, I decided to experience life and explore myself. On that day, I became Mezurashii. The fearless, creative, weirdo, who was allowed to be strange. Who created unusual but relatable music, and videos. On this journey, I made content for myself to share, learning, engaging, growing my audience, becoming verified on Facebook, viral on Tik Tok, worked with industry music producers. Now I am here to make content for you. Whether its to promote your brand, or for you to enjoy, you're at the right place and we will make it the right time.

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Had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sanj st the Networking Magazine! Click the button to have a read :)

#Togetherwebleed - racism must stop!

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This has got to be one of the toughest questions for me to answer. I have so many influences! I believe we live in a world where people around us can influences us whether they know it or not. Growing up I just loved music, all kinds. From Classical, listening to Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Hans Zimmer, to Pop Punk (Green day), R&B, old school new school, rap, garage, honestly, if i heard a song i loved, it influences me, even songs i didnt love. I listen to EVERYTHING! By naming just a few, i wouldnt be doing justice to the many that have touched my life. As an artist, i produce what i feel or what is required. I perform with feeling, enabling me to form a connection. I suppose maybe I was most fascinated by Artists who could sing and dance, really perform, as well as artists who could play instruments.

   Ahhh I have to mention a few names, don't i?? Ok....

I went through phases paying big attention to Sisqo and his ability to perform and be a little different, to Beyonce with her strong female presence, to Queen and their fantastic compositions which stood out, Michael Jackson, and even outside of music, sportsmen such as Ian Wright whos personality just dazzled me, Ruby Rose who first introduced me to being Genderfluid, with whom i later wrote a track with, to world leaders such as Dr Martin Luther King Jr who stood up for what he beleived in even though it was extremely difficult. My family, friends, fans also influence me. I've been working on fullfilling cover requests and in doing so have been introduced to many artists I hadnt really heard much about.

   Life itself is filled with influence

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