When you live your life as a free spirit, you experience things that those with closed minds never can. Live outside the box.”

— Mezurashii

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Truly a unique and multi-talented artist

As a genderfluid artist, Mezurashii is able to combine multiple abilities to give you something you have never experienced before. An artist of the new era, with organic raw talent, a growing fanbase via Facebook, 67,000+ and growing as of August 2019, Netflix's "My hotter half", Mezurashii is moving fast, aiming to touch many on the journey. Many have already been touched. As an Artist of many talents, Mezurashii has collaborated with some of the industries most talented and illustrius personalities, such as Ruby Rose, Moses Samuels, Knightarr and Arcteec. With several original standout songs, plus the ability to play the piano, and guitar to name a few, while also being recognised as a producer, dancer, motivator and model, Mezurashii is everything you need in one person. MezurashiiGet in touch to see what Mezurashii can do for you! mailto:BookMezurashii@outlook.com

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Ooh lala - Released 2014

Broken - Released 2016

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